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ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based mapping platform that allows users to share their GIS data and maps on the cloud. With ArcGIS Online you can accomplish most of the tasks you can in a traditional GIS desktop and all you need is a browser!


Students, faculty, and staff at Clemson University can create their own ArcGIS Online account under our Clemson University Organization by following the instructions below.

Create your ArcGIS Online account using Clemson login

Please follow the steps below to create an account:

1) Go to and click Sign in. You will see the window on the right, click on "Enterprise login"

2) You will be asked to Enter your ArcGIS organization's URL. Enter clemson and click Continue. Click on "Clemson University"

3) This will take you to a new window where you will be using your standard Clemson login. Enter your Clemson username and passowrd and click on Login. 

4) If you see the window below that means you have successfully created your ArcGIS Online account.


Our Clemson users share the total amount of credits that are allocated to our University account. We ask new users to become familiar with credit usage here and be cautious about running large spatial analysis or reports on ArcGIS Online. Remember that any GIS analysis or geoenrichment activity that you do in ArcGIS Online can be done in ArcGIS Desktop without consuming any credits! 



CCGT has set up some defaults to new user accounts that limit the number of credits and functionality so that we can ensure the fair distribution of credits amongst all of our users. Our Clemson default user profile has:

- 3000 credits limit

- Can publish data and share data

- Can create groups and join groups

- Can access ArcGIS Online data

- Ability to publish their features and map tiles as hosted web layers

- Can geocode, upload rasters or perform geo-enrichment activities

- Can perform analysis on layers in maps.


If your user account needs more resources than our default user, we can set up an exception for you and your group. Please contact us and make sure to specify your needs. One of our GIS Specialists will get back to you as soon as possible. To qualify for this exception, it is imperative you understand ArcGIS Online best practices and credit usage.


Access to ESRI Business Analyst and Community Analyst Online an using your ArcGIS Online account

With your Enterprise ArcGIS Online account, you can get access to ESRI Business Analyst (BAO) and Community Analyst Online. Please send an email to to request this access. For more information click here.  

Access to ESRI Webcourses using your ArcGIS Online account

ESRI also offers online webcourses (or Virtual Campus Training) that are freely available to Clemson faculty, students and staff. These are self-paced on demand training courses. You can access these using your ArcGIS Online account by following the instructions on this link. 

Training Resources


Free On- Campus Workshops

We highly recommend you attend our free workshop so you can get a hands-on experience with ArcGIS Online. Please go to our registration form and sign up for:

  • Introduction to Cloud Mapping with ArcGIS Online and Story Maps

Web Courses
ESRI also offers online webcourses that are freely available to Clemson faculty, students and staff. You can access these by following the instructions on this link. Following is the course available for ArcGIS Online. 

Free Tech Courses on YouTube
There are some free technical workshops available from ESRI UC 2016 on YouTube. Click here to access the following:

  • Introduction to Using Spatial Analysis in ArcGIS Online

  • ArcGIS Online: Developing an Open Data Strateg

  • ArcGIS Online: The Mapping Platform for Your Organization

  • ArcGIS Online Steps for Success: A Best Practices Approach

  • ArcGIS Online: A Security, Privacy, and Compliance Overview

ArcGIS Online Student Showcase

Check out some of the amazing web apps created by our Clemson students using ArcGIS Online! Do not hesitate to ask us with any questions. And yes, programming was not required for any of these amazing projects!

Confessions of Clay: A Story Map
The 7 Natural Wonders of Clemson
Reversing the Flow
Analyzing Veteran Population in SC
Mapping The Tiger Spirit
Analyzing Food Insecurity in SC
Topography of Diabetes in Carolinas
Factors Associated with Lung Cancer
Health Facility Demand in Upstate SC
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If you have any questions or need help, please contact Elham Masoomkhah at

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