Getting Started 


Are you new to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and don't know where to start? We have a pathway for you to become a skilled, confident, and knowledgeable GIS user.


Learning GIS

Workshops by CCGT

Our free, hands-on workshops are a great way to start learning GIS! Taking our Fundamentals of GIS series will give you a practical foundation of GIS knowledge, theory, and skills to apply to your own work. Plus, we offer a Certificate of Attendance for those who complete the Fundamentals Series of workshops.


How do I sign up for a workshop?

You can sign up for the workshop(s) you want to take via this form. When a few people have registered interest in a particular workshop, you will receive an email to schedule the time.


What other workshops are offered?

We offer training in a variety of software packages and applications. Click here to see all our workshop offerings.


Virtual Campus Online Training

Esri's Virtual Campus training offers free, online, self-paced courses covering all aspects of GIS science and applications. The Virtual Campus courses require an Esri account and a course access code which CCGT can provide for you. The codes are course-specific and grant access to a single Esri account, though users can enroll in multiple virtual courses simultaneously.



What Virtual Campus courses are offered?

Click the link to view and search the list of all Virtual Campus Online Training Courses.

Fundamentals of GIS Series

Introduction to GIS (101)

GIS Data Creation and Management (102)

Working With Tabular Data (103)

Field Data Collection Using GIS (104)

Introduction to Spatial Analysis (105)

Spatial Statistics with GIS (106)

Introduction to ArcGIS Online and Story Maps (107)

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Certificate of Attendance

People who complete the Fundamentals of GIS Series will receive a Certificate of Attendance. This shows professors or prospective employers that you have gained first-hand experience in GIS. Learn more...

How Do I Enroll in a Virtual Campus Course?

To enroll or get an access code, contact us! Tell us the name(s) of the course(s) you wish to enroll in as a message via this form. An email will be sent to you with the access code for each course.


Getting GIS Software

Many software options are available to GIS practitioners to suit their specific needs. You can obtain the popular ArcGIS software for your personal computer through CCGT, including the following packages:


  • ArcGIS Desktop with Business Analyst Extension

  • ArcGIS Pro

  • ArcGIS Online accounts

  • Esri CityEngine


We support users of many other GIS platforms, such as Google Geo Tools and open source software packages.


Licenses and installation instructions for ArcGIS and other options are found on our Software page.



Finding GIS Data

CCGT has gathered a collection of sources on the web which offer free GIS data. The data are classified geographically and thematically to aid your search. This is a great resource to begin searching for the data you need. 


CCGT maintains many data sets, such as demographics, population, health care, crime, and business data sets, which are available to the Clemson community.



Click here to visit the Data page.


Individual Consultations

Are you having trouble performing a specific analysis? Do you need help locating a particular dataset or installing software?


We offer specialized, one-on-one consultations to focus on your individual needs and help you to solve your GIS problems.


How do I schedule a consultation?

Contact us! Tell us about your problem, and we will match you with a consultant and schedule a meeting.

Are there any requirements for a consultation?

Most consultations require prior familiarity with GIS software, such as completion of our Introduction to GIS workshop or equivalent training.

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