GIS Day 2016

Please join us in celebrating GIS Day at Clemson University! This event is the culmination of the work done by faculty, researchers, and GIS professionals in the past year.

This is a great opportunity for the GIS community around Clemson to connect with fellow professionals, inspire others with their fantastic work, and pique the interest of the general public when it comes to GIS and its possible real-world applications.


                                 Our keynote speaker is Greg Dobson, Director of Geospatial Technology at the                                        National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center (NEMAC) at the                                                  University of North Carolina in Asheville.


GIS Day features amazing presentations from faculty and GIS professionals across the region. There will also be food and beverages, contest, prizes, and a sandbox for children, so bring your kids!

1:00 - 4:30pm
Cooper 412

Lightning Talks (1:00 - 4:00 pm)

Prepared to be inspired by our faculty and professionals using the latest GIS technologies and learn new ways to apply powerful GIS analysis to your own research. Check out innovative research happening across the Southeast and here at Clemson!

  • Interpreting our World with Today's GIS. Greg Dobson, Director of Geospatial Technology at the National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center (NEMAC) at the University of North Carolina

  • New & Emerging 3D Geospatial Technology. Geoff Taylor, 3D Solutions Engineer, Esri Charlotte

  • NASA DEVELOP at NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information: Helping scientists of tomorrow utilize NASA & NOAA data to bridge the gap between science and societal application. Alec Courtwright, Center Lead, NASA DEVELOP National Program, NOAA National Center for Environmental Information Node

  • Where you live affects your health? Dr. Khoa Truong, Associate Professor, College of Behavioral, Social, and Health Sciences, Clemson University

  • It's not a drone! The UAV Program at Clemson. Dr. Christopher Post, Professor of Environmental Information Science, Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department, Clemson University

  • Correlating Drinking Water Quality with Kidney Stone Incidence in South Carolina. Dr. David Ladner, Assistant Professor, Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences Department, Clemson University

  • Understanding Human-Coyote Encounters in Urban Ecosystems Using Citizen Science Data: What Do Socioeconomics Tell Us? Stuart Wine, GIS Manager, City of Clemson

  • Conservation GIS: the why, where, and when questions for biodiversity. Dr. Robert Baldwin, Associate Professor, Conservation Biology Graduate Coordinator, Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department, Clemson University

  • Application of Online GIS in Introductory Geography Courses. Dr. William Terry, Associate Professor, Department of History and Geography, Clemson University

  • Making our roads safer using GIS. Dr. Wayne Sarasua, Associate Professor, Glenn Department of Civil Engineering, Clemson Unversity

  • ArcGIS Online and Civil Engineering (CE): Using Cloud Data In A Brand New World. Dr. Allen Roberts, Assistant Professor, Civil and Construction Engineering, Kennesaw State University

  • An Unexpected Journey: Working in East Africa to Support Development of GIS for Parks and Conservation Management. Dr. David White, Assistant Research Professor, Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management, Clemson University



The GIS Day exhibitors include leading research organizations and industry professionals as well as virtual reality displays. Come visit with representatives and learn about their work and opportunities for jobs and internships. Guests will be able to try out the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to explore Clemson's campus in an immersive 3D experience as well as create landscapes in an augmented reality sandbox. 



There will be several geography computer games set up for everyone to play as well as coloring books for children and adults.

Map Gallery, 11am-1 pm

A map gallery will feature GIS projects from students and researchers. Come see research poster displays and interactive online maps from your colleagues, and don't forget to vote for your favorite poster! The winning map will be announced during the awards ceremony and will receive a very special prize!

Here are the entries for this year:

  • "Geography of the 2016 Presidential Election". Palak Matta and Patrick Claflin, CCGT.

  • "Mapping TigerTown". Lu Xu, Jonathan O'Brien, Blake Lytle, and Palak Matta, CCGT.

  • "Planning for Tomorrow's Climate." Jonathan O'Brien and Amanda Farthing, CCGT.

  • "History of Haiti.Amanda Farthing, Alexander Arzon, Rebekah Payne, Bruce Duane, and Palak Matta,  Clemson Mappers.


Mapping for Good Mapathon, 12-1pm

Join the Clemson Mappers for a Mapathon event from 12-1 pm. All are invited to contribute to humanitarian and relief mapping projects by agencies such as the Red Cross and USAID. Mapathons are an easy and enjoyable way to help out others in need. No prior mapping experience is required. A prize will be given to the most productive mapper!

Contests & Prizes

Join in the GIS Day celebration and win great prizes during the GIS Day Contests, like brand new quadcopter drones, FitBit, Minecraft Lego sets, waterproof Bluetooth speakers, and lunch for two with the Provost, Dr. Robert Jones! There are lots of different contests and participation is free, so  enter them all for your best chance of winning!


The winners for all contests will be announced at the end of the lighting talk session at 412 Cooper Library. The winners must be present to win their award. Invite your peers to join!

Where in the World?

A series of aerial photos of iconic places around the world will be on display at Cooper Library. Participants who correctly guess all the locations could win a new quadcopter drone. The locations may consist of popular landmarks and maybe even one or two of the world wonders, so bring your international friends with you!

Design Your Own Cooper Library

Use Lego blocks to build a model of Cooper Library. Then, use our Augmented Reality Sandbox to create a landscape for your design and submit both a picture and your Lego model for a chance to win a Minecraft Lego set!


Map Gallery

The Map Gallery contest will have two prizes to give away! First, participants will vote for their favorite poster or map to enter a drawing for a new quadcopter drone with an HD camera. Plus the entry with the most votes at the end of the GIS Day events will win!

Mapping our Tiger Spirit
Students, faculty and staff are invited to participate in our crowdsourcing map by choosing their favorite place at Clemson using our online interactive map form: . One entry will be selected to win lunch for two with the Provost, Dr. Robert Jones!


Clemson Spots Scavenger Hunt

Follow the clues given in an interactive web app and map your answers. Students who complete the scavenger hunt will be entered in a prize drawing for a FitBit or a quadcopter drone!

Safety Survey at Clemson

Give your input as part of our crowdsourcing project. Tell us where you feel less safe and help identify areas which need improvement. We will choose one response to win a prize!

Lightning Talks Audience Participation, Nov 16, 1-4 pm

To encourage everyone to connect with the presenters and their work, we will give a prize to an audience member who asks the most insightful or thought-provoking question of one of the presenters.

Mapping for Good Mapathon, Nov 16, 12-1 pm

Join the Clemson Mappers for a Mapathon event from 12-1 pm which benefits a humanitarian project. No mapping experience is necessary, and the most productive mapper will receive waterproof Bluetooth speakers!


Event Details

  • Where?
    Clemson Center for Geospatial Technologies

    412 RM Cooper Library

    116 Sigma Drive

    Clemson University

  • What?

    Lightning Talks, Map Gallery, Tours, Games, Contests, Food, and Awards!

  • Who?

    Open to the public

  • When?
    11-4:30pm - Map Gallery, tours & games
    1:00-4:30pm - Lightning Talks
    4:30-5:00pm - Awards
    11-4:30pm - Contests



Special thanks to our keynote speaker Mr. Greg Dobson, all of our guest speakers, Teri Alexander, Ryan Real, Debbie Gravely, and everyone who makes this day possible!


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Check out pictures from GIS Day 2015!



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