Access ESRI E-Learning (Virtual Campus Training)

This new Enterprise ArcGIS online account will become your new way of accessing not only all of ArcGIS Online but Esri web training and software downloads as well. 


NOTE: If you would like to access ESRI Web courses (Virtual Campus training) then please create an Enterprise ArcGIS account by using their clemson login by following the steps below:

( if you already have your myesri account, you will still need to create ArcGIS Online account using Clemson Login)

1. Creating your Clemson ArcGIS Online Account


1.1 Go to and click Sign in. You will see the window on the right, click on "Sign with Enterprise Account"

1.2 You will be asked to Enter your ArcGIS organization's URL. Enter clemson and click Continue. Click on "Using your Clemson University Account"

1.3 This will take you to a new window where you will be using your standard Clemson login. Enter your Clemson username and password and click on Login. 

1.4 If you see the window below that means you have successfully created your ArcGIS Online account.

4. Navigating in ESRI E-Learning Website

4.1 Click on Catalog to view all available Training options.

From the drop down menu select Find Training


4.2 To search for a specific training enter the keywords in the search bar, 

for example "learning desktop" and the following courses will appear. To        

get started with the training click on View Details.






If you have any questions or need help, please contact Elham Masoomkhah at

2. Creating your My ESRI Profile (using your Clemson ArcGIS Online account)

2.1 After creating your account wait for 5-7 mins and then go to Click Sign in and choose Sign in with Enterprise Account.

2.2 You will be asked to Enter your ArcGIS organization's URL. Enter clemson and click Continue.

2.3 In the next window, please login with your standard Clemson username and password.

2.4 Enter your First Name and Last Name and click Save.


2.5 In the next window, please enter all the required fields marked by ( * ) under My Profile and click Update.

3. Requesting Access to ESRI Webcourses

3.1 After 5 minutes, log in again on as you previously did on step 2.1


3.2 At the top of the menu bar, click on Support & Services and then select My Training to look at your training options available.

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