Through Clemson University we provide a broad array of software that can be tailored to fit your specific GIS needs. A variety of our most common options are listed below.
GIS Jobs & Internships
Opportunities for undergraduates and graduate students at Clemson.


Looking for a job in GIS field?

Here is a list of opportunities for those students interested in careers involving GIS. Faculty, staff, non-profits and industry partners, please contact us if you have an available position and we will post it immediately.

Grant Proposals
Support for Geospatial researchers at Clemson.


Our center provides support for research grant proposal development that involves geospatial research in a variety of ways. We can assist PIs addressing their needs, resources, project management, training and high-end technology.


We can also help in finding collaborators for specific project needs as well as finding faculty members or senior personnel who may provide any necessary advice.

Project Management
Support for Clemson's Students, Faculty and Staff. 
Clemson Center for Geospatial Technologies is here to help you in your projects. If you are new to GIS and don't know where to begin your project, come see us!!
We have workshops for Geospatial training, direct project support, data management and resources that will take you in the right direction, and make your project a success.
GIS Web Development
ArcGIS Server - ArcGIS Online - Leaflet - JavaScript - Geoserver


Our team of geospatial technology specialist can assist with the development of GIS data management technologies and web mapping applications through the use of proprietary and Open Source technologies. Our expertise includes ESRI’s ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Online, Portal for ArcGIS, and Open Source technologies such as the Leaflet mapping application, PostgreSQL relational database and Geoserver. 


Our recent efforts include the development of real-time data mapping systems, biological species data management systems and geo-document repository systems.

Conferences and Events
Opportunities for students, faculty and staff at Clemson.


At the center, we encourage participation in opportunities to network with other professionals outside of the local area.  We'll keep you updated with the most recent developments and competitions that are upcoming this year or next.




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