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​Are you new to GIS and don't know where to start?
We have created a resource guide that details the resources available to you at Clemson as well as a learning path to master the fundamentals of GIS.



Our workshops provide hands-on training in geospatial technologies. From an introduction to GIS to advanced spatial analysis, our hands-on workshops are tailored to fit your needs.
Training for specific disciplines is also available on-demand.



Our GIS staff has put together a list of virtual resources that will help you succeed while you are working remotely.
Includes information on how to access GIS software, virtual training, data sources, and more.

Schedule a virtual consultation!

We provide effective guidance to enable researchers to master geospatial technologies.

Our consultants can help you with any part of your project. From software installation to data research, project management and web mapping, we can help guide your research from beginning to end.


To be eligible for this service, you must attend our Introduction to GIS workshop or have previous experience. You can attend our office hours or make an appointment.


Mondays, 2:00PM - 3:00PM

Tuesdays, 3:00PM - 4:00PM

Wednesdays 11:00AM - 12:00PM

Thursdays, 4:00PM - 5:00PM

Contact us for link to join us online.

If you cannot attend our office hours, click here to make a virtual appointment.

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Upcoming Virtual Workshops
Our GIS Fundamentals Workshop Series will continue to be online this Spring on Fridays, 1pm-4pm. To earn certificate hours, assignments are due at 1pm one week after each workshop.

1. Introduction to GIS 

Friday, January 20

2. GIS Data Creation & Management 

Friday, January 27

3. Working with Tabular Data in GIS 

Friday, February 3

4. Basic Spatial Analysis

Friday, February 10

5. Intermediate Spatial Analysis 

Friday, February 17

6. Introduction to Spatial Statistics

Friday, February 24

7. Interactive Maps, Dashboards, & Story Maps 

Friday, March 3

8. Field Data Collection with GIS  

Friday, March 10

9. 3D LiDAR Applications in GIS

Friday, March 17

10. Machine Learning with GIS 

Friday, March 31

11. Drones for Geospatial Applications

Friday, April 7


We are offering online for the first time our Story Maps Workshop Series this Spring on Tuesdays, 4pm-5pm. No previous experience necessary!

1. Story Maps: An Easy, Effective, and Innovative Way to Communicate

Tuesday, February 7

2. Animations in Story Maps: Make Your Data Alive in Simple Steps

Tuesday, February 28

3. Making Beautiful Maps: Tips and Tricks 

Tuesday, March 28

4. Visualizing Your Data: Interactive Charts in Story Maps

Tuesday, April 18


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