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Leaving Clemson? Manage your ArcGIS Online Content


What happens to your ArcGIS Online Account once you leave Clemson?

STUDENTS: As a student, you have one year grace period during which your Clemson account is active. Therefore, you can still have access to ArcGIS Online account as long as you have your Clemson account (the same account you use to login to iRoar, Eduroam, etc.). 

STAFF: As an employee (staff or faculty), one month after leaving Clemson University, you will no longer have access to your Clemson University account. Therefore, you will not be able login to Clemson University ArcGIS Online organization. 

EMERITUS FACULTY: Retired faculty who are part of the Emeritus College are eligible to have their account extended indefinitely.

What should you do with your content before leaving?

Based on what you intend to do with your content after you leave Clemson University, these are the choices you have to manage your content:

leaving clemson.png

OPTION 1ARCHIVE Your Content in Clemson ArcGIS Online Official Repository

Choose this option if you have content that you wish to keep within the Clemson organization, and you don’t want it to be potentially deleted in the future. For example, you made a web map, a story map, etc. that you do not want to lose once you leave Clemson, even though you would not be able to edit it anymore. Fill this form to archive your content.

OPTION 2: TRANSFER Your Content to Someone Within Clemson University

Use this option if you want to hand over your content to another person who will be still with Clemson after you leave, e.g., your professor or department head. Fill this form to transfer ownership to someone else within Clemson University.

OPTION 3: MOVE Your Content to Your Personal or New ArcGIS Organization:

Choose this option if you want to take your content with you to a new account. You should have either a personal ArcGIS account or have access to ArcGIS Online through your new organization. For this process, you need to have the username and password of your new account (destination). Once you verify that you have the username and password, please contact us at, and a staff person will contact you to assist you through this process.

OPTION 4: DELETE Content You No Longer Need 

Be a good citizen and help us ensure the content that you want to keep is stored indefinitely. If you have any content (layer, table, map, story map) that you know for a fact you never want to use or store, please delete it before you leave Clemson.  Here is a video that shows you how to delete your content.


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