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Policies and Services Request

We are committed to providing excellent support to the Clemson geospatial community. Our operational policies ensure that we can maintain a high level of service. Details on our services, policies, rates, and fees can all be found below.


If you are interested in our resources and services, whether complimentary or paid, you must submit a request using the form to the right.

Requesting Our Services

Complimentary Services
Many of our services are provided at no cost to Clemson students, faculty, and staff.

Fees for Services
Fees are charged for many CCGT services provided to Clemson faculty, students, and staff and all external entities. These require a formal service agreement filed with CCGT prior to the start of work.

Waiver of Fees

In exceptional cases, fees can be waived provided there is adequate justification and the request is synergistic with the mission of CCGT. 

Training and Class Support

Class Support
We offer hands-on activities and/or guest lectures for your course. We will host up to two sessions per semester, per course, free of charge. Additional sessions can be offered by setting up a service agreement (see rates at the bottom of page). 

Free Workshops

Our workshops are provided on-demand and year round in a variety of topics, and these are free to Clemson students, faculty, and staff. 


Customized Workshops and Training
Our existing workshops can be customized for your group, for example, to include discipline-specific examples or to provide multiple training sessions on several topics. Up to two customized workshops can be developed and given free of charge for academic groups at Clemson. The services are available for non-academic affiliates and external entities and require a service agreement incorporating the rate structure at the bottom of the page. 


We offer one-on-one consultations to all students, faculty, and staff needing GIS support for research projects. You may request one hour-long consultation per week, free of charge. Additional sessions can be provided through a formal service agreement. Staff rates are found at the bottom of the page.

Specialized Services

See our specialized services are provided for research projects through a formal agreement which defines the scope of services provided, customer responsibilities, timeline, infrastructure and equipment fees, and staff rates (bottom of page).
These services include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Project development and management

  • Grant proposals

  • Infrastructure and server management

  • Web development services

  • Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and LiDAR services



Training Facility (406A Cooper)
Our dedicated
training facility is utilized by CCGT for GIS training events, such as workshops and our class support services. The room can be requested for training events (note that scheduling priority is given to CCGT events and GIS-related training). Contact us to request the space with a description of your event(s) and date(s). This space is free for Clemson affiliates. For outside training sessions, contact us for use fees. 

Collaborative Space (412 Cooper)
This space features our
Augmented Reality Sandbox, a virtual reality station with an HTC Vive, and a projector and screen. The room can be requested for special events. Contact us for availability and fees.

Outreach Activities

We provide educational activities for youth organizations which feature our unique spaces and resources. These services can be set up through a service agreement which includes staff rates and fees for facilities and equipment. 



Staff Rates

Our hourly rates are given for services provided to Clemson University affiliates and external entities.



Travel costs and meals required as part of any service agreement will be charged at the standard University rates. 


Payment for services can be made with a credit card using our online store. Note: Do not make any payments without pre-approval from CCGT staff.

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