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Outreach Activities

We were excited to host several activities during the summer which let us introduce geospatial science to the next generation of scientists and engineers! This summer we have guided over 120 middle and high school students through a variety of fun, hands-on exercises using our specialized facilities and equipment, allowing them to create their own maps, collect data in the field, and learn about things like topography, how flowing water interacts with the landscape,  and effects of sea level rise on cities.

Summer Youth Programs

4-H Summer Science Retreat

The 4-H Retreat group got to explore several STEM fields during their visit to Clemson. They visited CCGT for their geospatial sciences activities. 


This group explored how the flow of rivers is determined by topography using Google Earth and then used our Augmented Reality Sandbox to simulate two rivers in the Upstate!

Learn more about 4-H Science on the Move here!

Small Heading

Project WISE: Women in Science and Engineering​

As part of this one-week summer camp for middle schoolers, the Project WISE campers at Clemson participated in two activities. 

During the first activity, the girls used their mobile devices to go outside and collect geospatial data and solar intensity. In the second activity, campers used Google Earth to find landmarks, such as iconic 
bridges and national parks, create a video tour, and drown the city of Charleston by simulating sea level rise as a result of climate change.


Learn more about Project WISE at Clemson here!


Clemson CAREER Workshop​

A group of high school seniors from the Charles H. Houston Center's Clemson Career Workshop, which ran from July 10-15, visited the CCGT facilities and explored the geospatial field with a variety of fun and educational activities, such as collecting data using their mobile devices and exploring the world using Google Earth! The summer workshop offered opportunities to explore a variety of majors and programs as well as helped to develop life skills that are necessary to succeed in higher education.


Learn more about the Clemson Career Workshop at Clemson here!

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