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Business Analyst


So many business decisions are driven by "where." Where should I locate my new store, warehouse, or office? Where is my competition? Where do my target customers live? Where should I offer premium vs. standard services?

Esri Business Analyst is a complete system for analyzing data to reveal insights and patterns in your business. You can perform deep analysis of demographic and consumer data and combine it with your own data to gain greater understanding of your customers, competition, market, and trends. Business Analyst can be configured to share data, analyses, and insights throughout your entire organization.

Business Analyst Online

Business Analyst Online can be used for creating reports, maps, and custom analyses. It’s available for you to use now. You will need to register and establish a new login name. The BAO includes a subscription to ArcGIS Online and provides full access to content, sharing, and apps, including Esri Maps for Office for creating interactive maps directly in Microsoft Excel and using them in PowerPoint presentations. Your work in BAO will consume Esri ArcGIS Online credits and requires you to have an Esri ArcGIS Online Organization account.


Business Analyst Desktop Extension

1. ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro

You do not need to install any extensions to use Business Analyst on ArcGIS Pro. To use the Business Analyst extension, all you need is your ArcGIS Online account. Here at Clemson University, we have given the Business Analyst license to all of our ArcGIS Online members by default. Watch this video to make sure you have the license. You will still need to install the Business Analyst data if you want to use it on your own machine. 

2. Getting and installing the Business Analyst Data 20XX

You can save ArcGIS Online credits by using locally installed Business Analyst Data. To install Business Analyst Data follow the instructions in the attachment below. Please make sure you have completed step 1 before starting the installation of Business Analyst Data on your computer. You will need to have access to the Clemson network in order to get the installation files. If you are working remotely, please use Clemson's VPN.

Note: If you cannot install Business Analyst Data locally but want to save the use of ArcGIS Online credits, please use GIS lab machines in Cooper 412 which already have Business Analyst Data installed.

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