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GeoAmbassador Program

Do you have GIS or spatial skills or experience that you would like to share with your colleagues? Would you like to create a workshop to teach these skills to your peers? Are you looking for a great way to gain teaching experience? The GeoAmbassador Program is for you!


The program provides a way for you to turn your knowledge into a hands-on workshop for your fellow Clemson students. The experience will help you grow as an educator, showcase your skills, and set you apart from others in the job market.


All students are encouraged to be a GeoAmbassador, from undergraduates through post-doctoral researchers.

Partnering With Us

Here is what we offer to help ensure your workshop is a success:

  • A dedicated training room.

  • Assistance with developing teaching materials.

  • Advertising the event on email lists, social media, events calendars, and posting flyers.

  • Scheduling and logistics assistance.

  • Knowledgeable staff to offer help and advice.

Meet our GeoAmbassadors


Creating a 3D Digital Twin

Learn how to turn LiDAR data into a digital twin of a city. You will use the latest GIS tools to extract LiDAR point cloud using building footprints so that you can recreate realistic 3D buildings and other elements.

GIS Fundamentals Workshop Series

Madeleine Bolick
PhD Candidate in Forestry & Environmental Conservation
Michael Knapp
Undergraduate in Env. Engineering

Basic Spatial Analysis

Do you want to calculate the average distance between coal mines and the nearest river?
Learn how spatial analysis tools are used to solve geographic problems.
You will explore several analysis methods such as buffers and overlay, as well as terrain analysis tools like aspect and slope.


GIS Fundamentals Workshop Series

John Sherwood
Graduate in
Env. Engineering

Data Visualization & Analytics with Tableau

Gain a thorough introduction to data analysis and visual design in Tableau, and learn how to build interactive dashboards and stories with your tabular data.

GIS Fundamentals Workshop Series

Hamdi Zurqani
Ph.D. Candidate in Soil Science

GIS Data Creation and Management  

Get familiar with the data types in GIS vector and Raster, Geodatabases vs. Shapefiles. Understanding difference between Coordinate System and Projection. Learn how to create your own GIS data, including importing external data (images and photos to spreadsheets) into GIS. 

GIS Fundamentals Workshop Series

Victoria Rosas
Adjunct Assistant
Professor in Sociology &Anthropology

Getting and Visualizing Worldwide Census and Survey Data

Get yourself familiarize with with IPUMS platform and learn how to get data ready for visualization in Tableau using SPPS. It will enable
you to tackle research questions on multidisciplinary study of social and environmental phenomena.

GIS Fundamentals Workshop Series

Jordan Adamson
PhD. Candidate in Economics

High Performance Computing with Spatial Data

Learn how to manipulate spatial data using R and our supercomputer at Clemson. You will be gaining experience in:

  • Calculating multicore distance.

  • Handling geo-data and plotting     relationships.

  • Simulating and analyzing a spatio-temporal process.


GIS Fundamentals Workshop Series

Laurel Bartlett
Ph.D. student in PDBE

Introductory GIS for Historic Preservation  

Familiarize yourself with ArcMap and GIS fundamentals, including data gathering, resource digitization, and map making for use in cultural resource management. The course will enable the use of multiple applications including Survey123 and ESRI Collector for completing architectural surveys and building conditions assessments.

GIS Fundamentals Workshop Series

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