ArcGIS Pro 

(Free for Clemson affiliates only)


Students, faculty, and staff at Clemson University can request access to ArcGIS Pro. Please proceed with the following steps.



Installing ArcGIS Pro


Before installing make sure your computer meets the system requirement here


To download the newest version of ArcGIS Pro,  install it locally on your computer and authorize it, then follow the instructions in the attachment below.

Renewing your Single Use ArcGIS Pro License


All of Clemson ArcGIS licenses expire on April 14 every year, including ArcGIS Pro

Click here to download the new license file.


The process for reauthorizing your license is exactly the same way you authorized it the previous year (See step 4.2. of this document).


Alternatively, you can watch the video on the right that explains step-by -step how to renew your Single Use ArcGIS Pro license.