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ArcGIS Pro 

(Free for Clemson affiliates only)


ArcGIS Pro is a powerful desktop GIS application that works on Windows computers only.

Students, faculty, and staff at Clemson University can access ArcGIS Pro in two ways:

- Using our virtual GIS platform: CUApps (instructions here)

- Installing ArcGIS Pro in their own Windows computers. Please proceed with the steps below.


Installing ArcGIS Pro


Before installing make sure your computer meets the system requirement here


To download the ArcGIS Pro 3.x, install it locally on your computer and authorize it, then follow the instructions in the attachment below.

Working with ArcGIS Pro Offline


The new licensing model for ArcGIS Pro uses the Named User licensing model, which uses your ArcGIS Online account log in.

If you need to work in a disconnected environment, without Internet access, you can authorize your ArcGIS Pro license to work offline. This allows you to use ArcGIS Pro without being signed in.

Please be aware that when you authorize ArcGIS Pro to work offline, you can only use the application on one machine. This is the machine you use to take your license offline. You cannot use the same Named User account to sign in to ArcGIS Pro on any other machine until you return the offline license.

If the same Named User account is signed in to other machines, it is logged out and ArcGIS Pro automatically closes after 60 minutes. The user account cannot be used to sign back in until the offline license is returned. (Esri ArcGIS Pro website)

Instructions on how to borrow your ArcGIS Pro license to work offline (authorize)

Instructions on how to return your ArcGIS Pro license (check in)

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