Certificate of Attendance


The Clemson Center for Geospatial Technologies offers students a Certificate of Attendance for those who attend our entire series of recommended workshops. GIS is a very broad field that cannot be learned in just one session. Students often find themselves struggling with data issues and/or analysis tools after attending only an introductory workshop.


Part of our mission is to make sure students at Clemson interested in GIS have a guideline that ensures an effective yet smooth learning curve in learning the most up-to-date tools available in the field of GIS today. Our pathway is comprehensive and focuses on gaining firsthand experience in GIS.


Below are some of the most common case scenarios for students pursuing our certificate:

  • Students who want to expand their skills, advance their careers, or apply for internships that require GIS expertise.

  • Faculty whose research involves GIS and want to make sure their students have all the basic GIS

    skills necessary to perform solid research and spatial analysis.

Following are the recommended hands-on workshops series. All our workshops are 3 hours each, making a total of 21 hours of hands-on instruction in GIS.

  1. Introduction to GIS 

  2. GIS Data Creation and Management 

  3. Working with Tabular data

  4. Field Data Collection using GIS

  5. Basic Spatial Statistics

  6. Intermediate Spatial Analysis OR Spatial Statistics with GIS

  7. Introduction to Cloud Mapping with ArcGIS Online and Story Maps


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Certificate of Attendance Graduation

Congratulations to our CCGT graduating classes! During the spring 2016 semester, a group of seven students and post-doctoral researchers are the first to complete all of our Introductory GIS series of workshops and received their Certificates of Attendance during a ceremony held in our collaborative room.

A group of students earned their Certificates in the fall 2016 semester. Many attended the GIS for Engineering and the Environment series of workshops. These students and staff received their awards during the GIS Day 2016 events.


The recipients come from various disciplines, such as civil engineering, landscape architecture and urban planning, environmental engineering, the geosciences, city and regional planning, and education. CCGT is excited to see how our graduating class will incorporate GIS into their research and careers! 


The CCGT Class of Spring 2018

  • Adesuwa Sylvia Erhunmwunse - Plant and Environmental Sciences

  • Ann-Marie Frank - International Exchange

  • Brandon Harris - Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management

  • Daniel Dlugos - Plant and Environmental Sciences

  • Laurel Bartlett - Planning, Design, and the Built Environment

  • Mahjuja Muslima Taznin- Economics

  • Marcos Segantini - Policy Studies

  • Megan Chase - Environmental Toxicology

  • Stephen Nicholas Harris - Wildlife and Fish Biology

  • Terry Green Jr - Business



The CCGT Class of Fall 2017​

  • Bin Sun - Electrical Engineering

  • Jared Delk - Civil Engineering

  • Katherine Dolan - City and Regional Planning

  • Morgan Ivey - Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

  • Taylor Parker - Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management

  • Zahra Ghazanfari - Landscape Architecture

  • Zhaowei Si - Landscape Architecture

  • Samiuddin Fazil Mohammed - Civil Engineering

  • Elham Masoomkhah - Planning, Design, and the Built Environment

The CCGT Class of Spring 2017​

  • Daisy Torres - City and Regional Planning

  • Cynthia Belinga - Environmental Engineering

  • Alicia Scalia - Sociology

  • Karris Denton - Biosystems Engineering

  • Katrina Black - Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management

  • James Mills - Environmental Engineering

  • Patrick Anderson - Plant and Environmental Sciences

  • Rong Yu - Environmental Engineering

  • Timothy "Jason" Whitley - History

  • Zemin Dhanani - City and Regional Planning

  • Russell Hardee - Clemson Experimental Forest

  • Xiaolu Zhang - Environmental Engineering

  • Megan McCullough - Anthropology

  • Dhanuska Wijesinghe - Plant and Environmental Sciences



The CCGT Class of Fall 2016

  • Providence Adu - City and Regional Planning

  • David Nyugen - Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

  • Devin Peterson - Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

  • Cindy Roper - Education

  • Hamdi Zurqani - Forestry and Natural Resources

  • Philip Weatherford - Forestry and Natural Resources

  • Michael Knapp - Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

  • Linlin Mu - Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

  • Franco Foglia - Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

  • Santhosh Raj - Computer Science

  • Rawya al Dulaimi - Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences



The CCGT Class of Spring 2016

  • Sha Lu - Civil Engineering

  • Lu Xu - Landscape Architecture

  • Yusheng Wang - Civil Engineering

  • Kelly Lazar - Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

  • Melinda Shen - Civil Engineering

  • Wenxin Liu - Civil Engineering

  • Blake Lytle - Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

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