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​Are you new to GIS and don't know where to start? We have created a resource guide that details the resources available to you at Clemson as well as a learning path to master the fundamentals of GIS.



Our workshops provide hands-on training in geospatial technologies. From an introduction to GIS to advanced spatial analysis, our hands-on workshops are tailored to fit your needs. Training for specific disciplines is also available on-demand.



Want to use UAVs (drones) as part of your research or teaching at Clemson? We are actively developing UAV resources and services to support your projects.

Upcoming Workshops
Our GIS Fundamentals Workshop Series (now in ArcGIS Pro!) will be held from 9am to 12pm OR 5pm to 8pm on Mondays in 406A Cooper.

1. Introduction to GIS, January 27

9am-12pm OR 5pm-8pm 

2. GIS Data Creation & Management 

February 3, 9am-12pm OR 5pm-8pm
3. Working with Tabular Data in GIS 

February 10,  9am-12pm OR 5pm-8pm

4. Basic Spatial Analysis, February 17

 9am-12pm OR 5pm-8pm

5. Intermediate Spatial Analysis, 
February 24, 9am-12pm OR 5pm-8pm

6. Basic Spatial Statistics, March 2

9am-12pm OR 5pm-8pm

7. Field Data Collection with GIS, March 9 

9am-12pm OR 5pm-8pm

8. Data Visualization & Analytics with Tableau, March 23

9am-12pm OR 5pm-8pm

9. Intro to Cloud Mapping & Story Maps 

March 30, 9am-12pm OR 5pm-8pm

10. Using & Visualizing LiDAR in GIS 

April 6, 9am-12pm OR 5pm-8pm

11. Intro to Drones  for Mapping, April 13 
9am-12pm OR 5pm-8pm

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Check out this 3D point cloud of our Training Room!

Click to interact with the point cloud created using our Faro laser/LiDAR scanner

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We provide effective guidance to enable researchers to master geospatial technologies.

Our consultants can help you with any part of your project. From software installation to data research, project management and web mapping, we can help guide your research from beginning to end.


To be eligible for this service, you must attend our Introduction to GIS workshop or have previous experience. Click here to make an appointment.

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Zemin Dhanani

GIS Analyst, ESRI Charlotte 

"The internship with CCGT has had a tremendous impact on my career. I got to grasp many opportunities because of this internship, I got to work with firms like ESRI (student assistant) and with USAID (virtual intern) because of this internship. CCGT is the foundation that helped me grow not only in GIS but also professionally. I am a more confident person today.

The staff at CCGT has also been exceptional, I learned different things from different people at the center. I was very lucky to have a boss who always wanted us to do good and improve (technically and professionally) and a supervisor who always was supportive and someone you could always learn from. CCGT has made me marketable and hopefully, I will take up a full-time position with ESRI, all this would not have been possible without the internship."

"The most important skill set developed from the CCGT internship is how to figure out solutions to problems. In the face of challenges in executing projects, the CCGT staff created an enabling environment where I was able to research and find solutions to problems on my own with minimal assistance. As a professional, this skill is important as it helps me become adaptive to any new environment I find myself in. 

The CCGT internship has immensely impacted my professional career. The skillset I developed at my internship was very crucial in landing a job as an Associate Planner at the City of Charlotte. I appreciate the opportunity to be involved in this life-changing experience at CCGT and I would like to thank my boss and staff for giving me the opportunity to learn so much at the center."

Providence Adu

Associate Planner, City of Charlotte

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