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CU Campus Basemap Project


The Campus Basemap Project aims to create a functional, intuitive, and interactive map of Clemson University which will serve as a useful product for Clemson students, staff, administrative services, and researchers.​ Anybody at Clemson will be able to use and modify the maps and data for their purposes.

1. Campus Data

  • 2D 

The project supplies many GIS data sets for the Clemson University campus available to use for both online mapping and as downloads for use in desktop applications. A ready-made basemap is also available for online and desktop use, which includes the data layers with an appropriate cartographic representation. The following data sets are included in the basemap and available for use:

Interactive Web App:

- Building footprints         - Restaurants and student eateries

   - Bike racks                        - Streets

   - Bus stops and routes     - Parking Lots

   - Footpaths                        - Green spaces 

   - Trees                                 - Water bodies

   - Campus boundary


  • 3D 

The Basemap Project includes an online, interactive 3D map of campus buildings and trees. The buildings are available for use in online and desktop applications as both detailed, photo-realistic models and simplified forms. Similarly, the trees are published as realistic deciduous or evergreen trees or as simplified shapes. The available 3D data are:

    - Campus 3D Buildings

Out of total 126 buildings at Clemson, 66 were downloaded from 3D Warehouse and 60 were created by CCGT. 

   -  Trees

27,361 trees were collected by CCGT interns around campus and and are published online. 

2. Interactive Campus Map

An interactive and intuitive map of Clemson Campus can be accessed using a browser and mobile devices. The following tabs are included in the web app:

  • Overview

Learn and experience Clemson through this new interactive viewer.

  • Search Nearby

Use this app to search for buildings, parking, and dining options on campus. The user can supply a location and use the app to search for nearby features and display driving directions to dining, parking, and buildings.

  • Campus in 3D 

Explore Clemson's beautiful setting and iconic buildings in this immersive, interactive viewer. Users can view detailed three-dimensional models of buildings and trees on campus.

  • Places to Eat 

There are a variety of dining options at Clemson, from dining halls to fast food, coffee shops to fine dining. Take a tour of campus eateries in this app.

  • Cooper Library

Cooper Library is the home of CCGT. Turn the exterior walls on and off to see inside Cooper Library's fourth floor and navigate to CCGT spaces with this interactive viewer.

  • Getting Around Campus

See where you can park your car or bike on our maps. Look up the CATBus routes on campus and bus stops where you can catch a ride. 

Search Mobile App

Searchby Mobile App

3. Learning and testing new technologies

A primary goal of this project is to enrich the Geospatial Center’s abilities to serve and support the GIS community on campus. The project provides CCGT staff and interns an opportunity to learn new state-of-the-art technologies. The following are some of the applications and modeling packages we explored and used over the course of the project: 


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