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Lightning Talks (1:15 - 4 pm)

Prepare to be inspired by our faculty and professionals using the latest GIS technologies and learn new ways to apply powerful GIS analysis to your own research. Check out innovative research happening across the Southeast and here at Clemson! We are delighted to have Dr. Joseph Kerski and Mr. Geoff Taylor from ESRI to be our keynote speakers this year.


Geotechnologies: 5 Forces - 5 Trends - 5 Skills Keynote Address, Dr. Joseph Kerski, ESRI

Geoawareness, geoenablement, geotechnologies, citizen science, and storytelling are combining to bring us in the GIS community to a pivotal moment.  How can these forces, along with 5 trends in GIS, transform how our world moves into the next decade?  What 5 skills are needed for you in the GIS community to chart your own course forward?   Join Geographer Joseph Kerski for a fun and lively discussion as we reflect on the

progress the community has made and the challenges that remain through 5 forces, 5 trends,

and 5 skills.

GIS in Transportation IndustryYelena Kalashnikova, Program Manager GIS, South Carolina Department of Transportation.

Monitoring Land Disturbances Caused by Coal Mining in the Powder River Basin Using Remote Sensing, Dr. Gina Rosa Cova, Environmental Earth Sciences Researcher, NASA Ames Research Center, & Dr. Michael Carbajales-Dale, Director of Clemson Industrial Assessment Center, Clemson University

Geography + Artificial Intelligence | geoAI, Geoff Taylor, 3D Solutions Engineer, ESRI. Keynote Speaker.

Leveraging 3D Data and Tools for Effective Planning and Public Engagement, Providence Adu, Research Assistant, City of Charlotte/PhD Candidate, UNC Charlotte.

GIS Application for Building a Nationally Representative Forensic Taphonomy Database, Dr. Katherine E. Weisensee, Chair of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice Department, Clemson University

Mapping My Career in GIS, Zemin Dhanani, GIS Specialist, ESRI

A Cool GIS in Transportation Application, Dr. Wayne Sarasua, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering, Clemson University 

Palmetto Green: A Statewide Land Use Planning Project, Dr. Daniel Hanks, Palmetto Green Fellow, Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservation, Clemson University


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