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ArcGIS Server

ArcGIS server, a complete and integrated Server GIS, is a powerful web service tool of Esri that enables you to distribute maps, models, and tools to others within your organization and beyond in a way that fits well into their workflows. With ArcGIS Server, intuitive web maps can be published, large volume of geodata and imagery can be stored and managed centrally and GIS technology can be extended to tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktop workstations, and any other devices connected to web services. 

What can you do with ArcGIS Server?

  • Publish fast, intuitive Web maps tailored to your audience: dramatically strengthening business and resource decisions with real-time geointelligence.

  • Geographically enable your IT investments: shrinking data and application redundancy, optimizing system configurations, and consolidating enterprise systems.

  • Centrally manage your geodata: providing better data security and integrity for your most important information assets.

  • Simplify access to large volumes of imagery resources: significantly reducing storage costs and data processing overhead.

  • Extend geographic information system (GIS) technology to your mobile workforce: increasing the accuracy and value of field data collection projects and asset monitoring, as well as resource and event management.

Web GIS implementation

Web GIS enables everyone to share authoritative, up-to-date geographic information to support collaborative, informed decision making. ArcGIS for Server is an integral part of implementing the ArcGIS Platform and web GIS. It can be deployed on-premises within the organization’s service-oriented architecture (SOA) or off-premises in a cloud computing environment or by combining elements of both infrastructure and web (i.e. Hybrid). 


Clemson Infrastructure and Services

Clemson Center for Geospatial Technology (CCGT) has a ArcGIS for server v.10.4.1 with Portal, Spaciotemporal Big Data Store and Geovent set up over local VM, which is running 24/7 and currently collecting election tweets of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Also, a similar setup was tested on cloud environment like AWS and Microsoft Azure. At this stage, CCGT is ready to assist faculty, staff and students deploying appropriate ArcGIS server environment according to their requirement. Soon, the center is going to start production.

Reading Material

For further information about ArcGIS for server, Web GIS and associated cost in clouds, please visit:


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