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Create Your Own 3D Model of Cooper Contest

As part of our GIS Day celebration, the Clemson Center for Geospatial Technologies wants you to show off your creative side in our Create your own 3D Model of Cooper contest. Use Legos as building blocks to make a model of Cooper Library and our Augmented Reality Sandbox to build a landscape for your model.  


How to Enter

First, take a picture of your creation and submit it at Second, give your completed Lego model to Palak or Blake during normal business hours in 412A Cooper, where it will be put on display.


What is an Augmented Reality Sandbox?

The sandbox is a great hands-on tool for teaching people of all ages about geography and topography. A specialized Linux program uses a Microsoft Kinect camera to read the sand surface within the box and projects an interactive topographic map onto the sand. Hills, valleys, and rivers can be made with elevation and contour lines updated and displayed in real-time, bringing the terrain to life right before your eyes!


Where are the sandbox and Legos?

The sandbox and Legos are available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm and are located in Cooper Library Room 412. Please contact Palak at or Blake at to schedule an appointment.


Most popular entry will receive a Starbucks gift card!

Most creative entry will receive a Minecraft Lego set!



Contest entries will be accepted from Nov 1- Nov 16 at noon.

Voting for the favorite submission will take place from Nov 9 thru Nov 16.

The winner of each contest will be announced on November 16 in 412 Cooper Library at 4pm. You must be present to win!


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