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Lightning Talks (1:00 - 4:00 pm)


Prepare to be inspired by our faculty and professionals using the latest GIS technologies and learn new ways to apply powerful GIS analysis to your own research. Check out innovative research happening across the Southeast and here at Clemson!


                                        Our keynote speaker is Greg Dobson, Director of Geospatial Technology at the National Environmental Modeling and                                                 Analysis Center (NEMAC) at the University of North Carolina in Asheville. Mr. Dobson has worked as a Research Scientist                                         with NEMAC since 2006, where he worked first as the GIS Coordinator. As Director of Geospatial Technology, Mr.                                                         Dobson oversees all of NEMAC's GIS activities, research, mapping, and development.

  • New & Emerging 3D Geospatial Technology. Geoff Taylor, 3D Solutions Engineer, Esri Charlotte

  • It's not a drone! The UAV Program at Clemson. Dr. Christopher Post, Professor of Environmental Information Science, Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department, Clemson University

  • Correlating Drinking Water Quality with Kidney Stone Incidence in South Carolina. Dr. David Ladner, Assistant Professor, Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences Department, Clemson University

  • Conservation GIS: the why, where, and when questions for biodiversity. Dr. Robert Baldwin, Associate Professor, Conservation Biology Graduate Coordinator, Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department, Clemson University

  • ArcGIS Online and Civil Engineering (CE): Using Cloud Data In A Brand New World. Dr. Allen Roberts, Assistant Professor, Civil and Construction Engineering, Kennesaw State University

Lightning Talks Audience Participation

To encourage everyone to connect with the presenters and their work, we will give a prize to an audience member who asks the most insightful or thought-provoking question of one of the presenters!

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