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What to expect?

Drones for Good is helping establish a pipeline for careers of the future and our comprehensive 

training program reflects that mission. The rigor of the coursework safeguards our campus and students and better equips them for the future. 


Interest Form

Indicate your interest in joining Drones for Good using this survey


Ground School

Our ground school thoroughly covers all of the tools and theoretical knowledge you need to safely and legally operate a drone within the United States. This training is self-paced through canvas, but expect to spend approx. 30 hours. Students will take a written exam following completion.


Intro to Drones and LiDAR for Mapping

Now that you have the skills necessary to fly a drone, it's time to learn the tools that make this technology so versatile. This three hour workshop with the Geospatial Center will enable you to make the greatest impact with the data and images you collect in-flight.



You will receive a certificate indicating your successful completion of the Drones for Good course and will immediately be eligible to use the fleet. 


Information Session

Once you've expressed your interest, we'll reach out with dates and times of upcoming sessions. We'll cover everything you need to know before getting started, but review our website and come with questions.


Flight School

Our flight school provides you with hands-on experience in-flight. You will learn basic maneuvering, flight prep, drone inspections, and much more over three 1-hour sessions. Students will take a practical exam following completion.


Academy of Model Aeronautics Membership

All participants are required to join the AMA in order to gain check-out privileges. The AMA provides numerous benefits to drone pilots, but most importantly they provide liability insurance to ensure you are covered should things go awry. Membership costs $25 annually.


Certificate Renewal

Your theoretical certificate must be renewed once every two years. Your practical certificate must be renewed at the beginning of each year. Renewing your certificate ensures your safety and regulatory compliance.

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